Price Action zones are the areas where we should look for entries l Forex trading strategies. – Playstore

Price Action zones are the areas where we should look for entries l Forex trading strategies.

Forex tradig strategies.

Its been quite a while since I talk about the trading education, busy with my new scalping experiments but still the prime motive is to let everybody aware to where to look price action. Price action zones are the best way where to look for reversals. I always look to trade reversals in forex as I always look to jump into the trend on pullbacks keeping in view monthly, weekly & daily supply and demand zones.

Below I have posted Australian dollar h4 chart which is trapped between zones and looking to take stops both sides of the market. When a pair is trapped between rallies drops and drops & rallies then we should always wait for the unfilled orders after market hit the next extreme.

Price is capped between two zones below the historic level 0.7730 which holds the price down for two years. When price look to stay time below or above a level the reaction to these levels are imminent as first attempt to this level bulls rallies to 0.7900 area, but there was lot to come when you shift to monthly level which clearly shows a false bull candle and I would now keep a watch on monthly trend line perhaps to the end of this month and see if price react again with the same approach on daily & hourly time frames.

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