Trading opportunity Buy Gbp/Jpy..l Brexit No deal put sentiment bullish for gbp

Risk managemen in forex Hi Readers,

I have provided some excellent trading opportunities last week with good pips and good thing was that it was properly managed . I never risk more than 3 percent of account activity & target is always 2 to 3 times of the risk. Best thing about my trading is that I like to gbp crosses because they usually trend & I to check I would recommend you to go through variious blog posts to check how many times I’ve posted exact signals of various Gbp Crosses . It is very important to target trending pairs & gbp/aud , gbp/nzd & gbp/jpy are never far away from volitility & that is why I prefer to trade these crosses.

Trade Recommendation

buy gbp/jpy @140.88
stop @140.50
Target 141.0
Trailing the position at +14
Already +70
Targets will be change with price Action. stay tuned for updates..
Target was just 9 pips away ! Closing the trade Now for +83

Forex Trading is not just about getting profit but more about managing your risk

Trading does not only mean getting profit but also you need to be perfect in taking trades as timing and risk management can trun huge losses to minor & little profit to maximize it. I would like to have your thoughts on the trade and in case you have any such query make sure you write them in comment section & In the next few days I would share the simple price action tehniques which will help you avoid sideways trending markets & make maximum of when it trending.

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