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Bullish Price Action on all the Gbp crosses on Major Counterparts

I would like to Daw your attention towards the Gbp Crosses as I got tremendous opportunity on couple of trades in Gbp/usd & Gbp/jpy (Almost 400 + Pips)

Chart above is of Gbp/usd, which was the easiest of trade among all the gbp pairs. We have seen some good movement downwards followed by immediately RBR followed by strong momentum fail to Return which is the reason I always marked this potential zones & As a trader you must use strong S/R areas at extreme levels to take a trade or see how price Action unfolds near those areas.

PRice broke through to the upside and posted a new attempt to cross below previous support and then it was highlighted by break of support and retest and yesterday we see an attempt to the previous historical support amid slow price action & look what happen today on the pair.

Same story has happened with gbp/jpy but that trade was far from ever and price is attempting to rise to the level it left bulls apart. Same Rather easy trade for me when I fetched 300 Pips on that pair which was the easiest trade for me for the whole year & I always look around to mark strong zone and wait for Compression and slow movement to the extreme levels of these type of zones.

Much Awaited price Action as I am looking or price to hold around the today high 1.1970 area & possibly slow price action would start to develop amid eur and France Weakness which can be seen in gbp/chf pair or we can wait for Gbp/Usd to move to test broken support 1.2210. Let’s wait and watch and wait for blog to be update if this is an opportunity, then perhaps the 1:30 Risk to Reward opportunity can be here any time in Gbp/chf Pair.

I’ve marked the charts turning points on couple of pairs and now as gbp/chf is building up nice momentum, I would expect price to drop to 1.1770 level or below to confirm the bullish price Action to confirm the trade setup as happened in gbp/jpy and gbp/usd.
Take a look at all the charts as I’ll cover the discussion in couple of days time.
Stay Tuned

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