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Us dollar Futures and Federation policy—- A strangulation for traders

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart It has been quite a while since federation has hike the rate in sequences but It has been while since last fed make any changes in policies and that is why US dollar futures has been in ongoing extended consolidation, and there would be no changes whatsoever till we start the next financial year and trader fed will have enough data to rule out any further hike or give traders what they want. But talks of december hike is again on the cards and it has been quite a long way to go and we can witness fall in US dollar till we got firm indication from FOMC that rate hike sequence is just about on its way.

Wait and watch policy for US dollar traders and don’t expect anything

We can witness bit panic rallies today from on 21st of September 2022, but I won’t expectation anything more than retail traders panic rallies and don’t think any institution or banks would enter the market and make those rallies much smoother one.
I still waiting to federation to be more dovish today and area of 96.40-50 hold any upside rallies and then we can soon witness US dollar to find headwinds and rally towards 94.90 area and I would post a video and update If we don’t see upside rallies which break through 97.10 area, but I have never witness such extended consolidation and may be us election could be the prompt reason that come to my mind and that is how I approach my trading activity and hence we still can see downside rallies towards the mentioned target and today retreat from higher levels could just be the start of downside in coming weeks or even months.

Also watch out for RBNZ rate decision couple of hours after FOMC

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